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Often, the first signs of advancing age appear on the face. Along with an increase in the amount or appearance of wrinkles, some of the first signs of aging are hyperpigmentation and vascular lesions.

If you see hyperpigmentation and vascular lesions on your face, you may wonder if there’s a way to make them disappear. With advanced treatments like Lumecca, you can get the clearer skin you want and look younger, rejuvenated, and feel more comfortable, inside and out.

Keep reading to learn what you can expect after treatments like Lumecca and why they are worth it!

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation occurs when patches of skin, usually on the face and hands, become darker in color than the surrounding skin. Areas of hyperpigmentation are most commonly caused by damage from years of over-exposure to the sun.

However, these can also occur due to other skin conditions, like acne scarring, or are naturally occurring, like freckles.

What are Vascular Lesions?

Vascular lesions are caused by tiny blood vessels, called the capillaries, which have ruptured just beneath the skin’s surface. While some people are born with vascular lesions, like rosacea, port wine stains, and salmon patches, other vascular lesions, like cherry angiomas (a benign skin growth made up of blood vessels), spider veins, and varicose veins, result from aging.

While there are topical treatments for hyperpigmentation and vascular lesions, these treatments can take months to improve the appearance of these skin conditions. They can also be very irritating for people with sensitive skin.

What is Lumecca?

A better, more effective way to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation and vascular lesions is with Lumecca. Lumecca is an energy-based device that restores even skin tone using an advanced, intense pulsed light (IPL).

The technology used with Lumecca can deliver up to 3X more energy for improved efficiency in eliminating areas of hyperpigmentation or vascular lesions. Lumecca offers advantages over other IPL treatment options along with increased efficiency. These include:

Requires Fewer Treatments

While the amount of treatments needed varies from person to person, on average, Lumecca delivers results in just 1 – 3 treatments, while other IPL devices require 6 – 8 treatments.

More Extensive Treatment Areas

With its high pulse repetition rate, Lumecca can treat larger treatment areas on all areas of the body. Because it can treat larger treatment areas, this reduces the time needed for each treatment appointment.

Sapphire Tip

The Lumecca device features a sapphire tip, creating a strong cooling sensation. Lumecca reduces or eliminates the need for topical numbing cream, making it much more comfortable for patients.

No Recovery Time

Unlike other IPL treatments, Lumecca does not cause peeling or long-term redness after treatment. In the 24-48 hours after Lumecca, you may see a darkening of pigmented spots. The week after, pigmented lesions will flake off, revealing a more even skin tone.

What Happens During a Lumecca Treatment?

When you decide to improve the appearance of your skin with Lumecca at Advanced Aesthetics & Med Spa, the first step is an initial consultation. During this consultation, you will be asked about your specific skin concerns and receive an evaluation of the areas to be treated to ensure that Lumecca is the right treatment option.

Ahead of scheduled treatment, there are certain guidelines you’ll need to follow to optimize your Lumecca treatments. These include avoiding direct excessive skin exposure, including tanning, one month before treatment; certain facial products, like retinoids, serums, acid exfoliators, and brightening creams; abstaining from laser hair removal for at least two weeks before treatment; and shaving the area to be treated 24 hours before treatment.

During the treatment, your practitioner will move the Lumecca device over the areas to be treated, which might create a light, elastic sensation. Immediately following treatment, you may see some redness, and your skin may feel slightly warm, but these effects usually subside within an hour post-treatment.

In the 24-48 hours following Lumecca, the specific areas of hyperpigmentation treated may darken. In the weeks following treatment, they will begin to flake off, revealing a more even skin tone underneath.

Find out if Lumecca could be right for you by scheduling your complimentary consultation at Advanced Aesthetics & Med Spa!

What is the Result of Lumecca Treatment?

While individual results will vary, most Lumecca patients see a marked improvement in the appearance of hyperpigmentation within just a few days! Over the next 1 – 2 weeks, hyperpigmented skin treated with Lumecca will continue to further even out, resulting in smoother, younger-looking skin.

Vascular legions treated with Lumecca may take longer to show results. They may also require additional treatments to achieve your desired results.

When properly maintained, the fantastic results of Lumecca can last anywhere from six months to a year. One of the best ways to help extend the beautifully even skin tone you can get with Lumecca is by being vigilant about protecting your skin against the harmful effects of sun exposure by using sunscreen every day and wearing a broad-brimmed hat outdoors.

Am I a Good Candidate for Lumecca?

To be a good candidate for Lumecca, you should meet the following criteria:

  • You want to treat skin concerns, including hyperpigmentation or vascular lesions
  • You are in good health with no outstanding health issues
  • You have realistic expectations about what to expect from treatment and possible outcomes
  • Lumecca may not be suitable for you if you:
  • Are hypersensitive to near-infrared wavelength light
  • Are taking a medication that makes you sensitive to sunlight
  • Are prone to light-induced seizures
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Currently have a herpes simplex sore in the area to be treated
  • Currently have an infection or open wound in the area to be treated
  • Have a systemic illness that is affecting your overall health
  • Have used Accutane (isotretinoin) within the last six months.

If any of these situations apply to you, you should consult with the Advanced Aesthetics & Med Spa staff to determine whether another treatment option could help you achieve your appearance goals. For most, the appearance of the first signs of aging is very distressing! With Lumecca at Advanced Aesthetics & Med Spa, you can regain your skin’s even appearance in just a few easy treatments!

Find out if you could be a good candidate for Lumecca by requesting a complimentary consultation at Advanced Aesthetics & Med Spa in Bel Air, MD, now! Why wait to reveal a more beautiful you?